Snack Pots

Ackio has developed a unique capability to pack snack-pots.

  • The new development allows the relatively small aperture of the snack-pots — compared to an existing 'conventional' punnet — to be filled to an exact weight.
  • The packing lines have been adapted to allow the upright, unstable snack-pots to be packed efficiently, accurately and at a high velocity.
  • The new adpatation utilises Ackio's existing quality systems such as vision based checking of individual berries for internal and external defects and air pressure tests for softness.
  • The snack-pots are sealed with pre-printed film that is peeled off before use.
  • The snack-pot range will commence with blueberries, cherries and cherry tomatoes with other products planned.

The snack-pots are being marketed by Ackio's partner company Wellpak. READ MORE


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